Easts Bays Junior Rugby Union Club has a long and proud history as a village based club, located in Sydnye's Eastern Suburbs.

Easts Bays Junior Rugby was founded in 1970 and is affiliated with the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby Union Football Club. The Easts senior club, founded in 1900, is the oldest district rugby union club in Australia.

Easts Bays is committed to nurturing a fundamental appreciation and enduring passion for the game of Rugby amongst young boys and girls between 5 and 14 years of age.

In the 2018, Easts Bays registered 407 players across these age groups , with 30 teams competing in the Sydney Junior Rugby union competition. We will be even bigger in 2019.

We are currently the largest Junior club in Sydney and have experienced strong growth in the game over the last three years.

Easts Bays is managed and supported entirely by volunteers and strongly encourages active participation and involvement of players, their families and friends in the day to day club activities through playing, coaching, refereeing, managing, parenting, leadership, social interaction and as team supporters.