Bays JRUFC is a village based club that is committed to nurturing a fundamental appreciation and enduring passion for the game of Rugby Union amongst young players between 5 and 12 years of age.

This is achieved by encouraging active participation and involvement of players, their families and friends in the day to day club activities through playing, coaching, refereeing, managing, parenting, leadership, committee, social interaction and as team supporters and spectators.

Our values and principles are as follows:

  • All players of eligible age are accepted regardless of sex, race, religion or playing standard.
  • Play for fun enjoyment and friendship.
  • Develop an appreciation of team sport.
  • Work to improve skills, fitness and motivation.
  • Develop leadership and sportsmanship.
  • Accept winning and losing graciously.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team.
  • Engender a spirit of community and club involvement.
  • Recognise the voluntary contributions from dedicated individuals.
  • The Club exists for the players first, parents and supporters second.

Parents are reminded not to force an unwilling youngster to participate in the game. Young people are involved for their enjoyment not the parents. The focus is on the child`s effort and performance, not the overall outcome of the game. Children learn best by example and an honest effort is just as important as victory.

Training takes place each Tuesday night from 5pm at Woollahra Ovals, O'Sullivan Road, Bellevue Hill.

Matches are played at Nagel Park, Maroubra on Saturday mornings during school term time for U6-U9 age groups. U10 and U11 teams play in a Fri /Sat or a Sunday competition throughout Sydney with venues advised in advance

The competition rules are adjusted for age. For details click on the 'Competition Rules' on the left hand menu bar.

Each side has a qualified coach, an assistant coach as well as a manager.

Mouth guards are compulsory for all training sessions and for all matches.

Players will play in the age group that matches the age they are on 1 January. Should a player wish to play up an age group consideration will be given to both the physical and psychological aspects of such a move and the Club will use the guidelines of the ARU Pathway for Walla, Mini and Midi Rugby.

There are normally no games during school holidays or on long weekends.

Team selection is based on ensuring that all teams in the same age group will be as even as possible in playing strength, ability and experience. The club will endeavour to play twins, new players introduced by existing players, children of coaches and managers in the same team.

Performance during the early rounds of the season will be carefully evaluated and may result in shifting of players between teams within age groups in order to provide balance or more challenge to any players.

Throughout the season all age group teams will train together for at least the first part of each training session. The latter part may be used for inter team practice games.

It is essential that players are able to commit to playing matches on Saturdays. Should any child be unable ,or unwilling, to attend matches on a Saturday on a regular basis then the club retains the right to either cancel their membership or take any other action that ensure fairness and respect for all members of the club